How to Solve Puzzle Problem in bank PO Exams


solve puzzle in bank PO Exam

Solve Puzzle Problem Bank exam IBPS 2017 puzzle problem

While writing competitive exams, one would rarely forget the fact that exam boards test the aspirants with puzzles to solve. By testing the aspirants with puzzles, the examiner wants to measure their analytical ability.

Certain Features of Puzzles

  • They are increasingly used in competitive exams like IBPS PO Exam.
  • There are no short cut formulas to solve puzzles.
  • Puzzle questions have a definite answer and if we solve the puzzle, we will score marks for 4-6 questions.
  • While attempting the puzzles, you will get to know whether the answer would be right or not.


Hence, questions based on puzzles are crucial from the exam point of view to score above the cut-offs. To enjoy the act of solving puzzles, follow the below points that would guide you towards your destination:

Nature of Puzzles:  Despite the puzzles have all the data to figure out the solution for them, they are dispersed all over the place. The challenge in front of the aspirant is to arrange them in a logical order. Hence they should focus on finding the underlying pattern of the series provided in the question.

The Importance of Inference:  This is crucial for aspirants who wish to score well in the puzzles section, as the inference you draw from the facts provided is vital for forming the judgment. For instance, if some number pattern is given, you have to find the why factor behind the series to fill the blanks by inferring what the examiner wants to convey.

Do not Rely on Logic or Memory:  While attempting challenging sections like puzzles, it would be better for the aspirants on not to trust their logical skills and memory as it might backfire on them. Unless the aspirants learn to form the apt diagram or make it along with information coding they have to assume that they are on the wrong path. There would be places where no finite answer would be possible with the exception of some choices.

Follow a sequential order: By following a particular pattern, one would be able to crack puzzles swiftly. By using diagrams and to code the information in a step by step fashion, one has to review them to see if you have missed something.  Cross check the diagram to figure out what you could derive from the puzzle. Try taking note of the same to solve the same.

From the above discussion, you would have realized the importance of puzzles in the Upcoming Bank Exams as it would be an important section of such exams in the years to come.

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