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Latest Top Current Affairs and GK Knowledge 2016

US Astronaut Edgar Mitchell passes away:-

US Astronaut Edgar Mitchell passes awayUnited State US Astronaut Edgar Mitchell passed away Lake worth, Florida under hospice care. He was the sixth man to walk to the moon. He had spent more that nine hours on the Mons surface in the Fra Mauro Highlands region as part of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

Edgar Mitchell:-

Edgar Mitchell born on September 17, 1930 in Hereford , Texas, US.

Started his career as American naval Officer and aviator. He was selected to be an astronaut in 1966 and was seconded from the US Navy to NASA.

He had set up the Institute of Noetic Sciences that aimed at supporting individual and collective transforming through consciousness research.

Bharart Biotech develops world’s first Zika Vaccine candidates

Bharart Biotech develops world’s first Zika Vaccine candidatesHyderabad- based vaccines manufacturer Bharat Biotech has announced a breakthrough in developing the world’s first Zika vaccine by developing two candidates.


These two candidates are in an advanced stage of development and could be ready soon after pre-clinical studies concluded in the next five months.

The company already had filed patents for both candidates in july 2015 and is looking to start animal test soon after getting regulatory approvals for conducting clinical trials.

Inactivated Vaccine:-  It consists of the disease-causing microbe which is killed with chemicals, radiation or heat. These microbes are grown under controlled conditions and are rendered non-infectious in order to reduce antigenicity. It is more stable and safer vaccine compared to vaccines using live microbes.

Recombinant DNA vaccine:-  It is produced through the recombinant DNA technology. This technology involves inserting through the recombinant DNA technology. This technology involves inserting the DNA encoding antigen that stimulates immune response. It generally uses an attenuated virus or bacterium to introduce microbial DNA to cells of the body.

Maharashtra Government rolls out Deradicalisation Programme in wake of IS threat

Maharashtra Government rolls out Deradicalisation Programme in wake of IS threat Maharashtra Government has rolled out Deradicalisation Programme for the minority community to counter both home- grown extremism and the global Islamic State  threat. The plan hs beem chalked out by the State Home Department that includes 50-point socio-economic strategy.

Chief Minister CM Devendra Fadnavis has approved the proposal in this regard and also has passes a government resolution on it.
Features of this prgramme:-

Aims to bringing youth especially from the minority community into the mainstream and make coordinated efforts and policies In different 13 sectors for their empowerment.

It also seeks to create an environment of solidarity in to the mainstream, and make coordinated efforts and polices in different 23 sectors fir their empowerment.

It also has provisions for setting up an independent media outlet in order to dilver mainstram toughts and values to the minority schools.

Under this Urdu Language will be taught in 300 Marathi schools. 5 minority areas will be also deceloped as urban smart clusters.

US General John Nicholson appointed Commander in Afghanistan

US General John Nicholson appointed Commander in AfghanistanUS  Unites States of America  Senate Armed Services Committee has confirmed the nomination of General John Nicholson to the commander of the NATO forces in Afghanistan. He will succeed outgoing commander US General John Camphell. His appointment comes at a time when serious concerns have been raised about the security situation in Afghanistan.

About John Nicholson

Prior to this appointment, he was serving as US Army commander of NATO land forces. Prrviosly he served as the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Earlier he had several high-profile Army roles including chief of staff operations for the international Security Assistant Force (ISAF) and US Forces- Afghanistan.

He also had served as director of Pakistan/ Afghanistan Coordination Celll for the Joint Staff and Deputy Commander- Stability of ISAF Regional Command – South.

India becomes Associate Member of European Molecular Biology Organization.

India becomes Associate Member of European Molecular Biology Organization.India officially became the Associate Member State of European Molecular Biology Organisation. In this regard, Union Ministry of Science and technology has signed an agreement to acquire the status of Associate Member of EMBO. India is second country outside the European region to be an Associate Member State of EMBO. First one being Singapore which had signed such aggrement with European Molecular Biology Conference in 2015.

Benefits of EMBO:-

This move will strengthen interaction and collaborative research between India and Europe in ths field of molecular biology.

Indian Researchers will now can apply for its programmers, such an long-term fellowships for postdoctoral researchers, courses  short-term fellowships and workshops etc.

12th South Asian Games begins in Guwahati

12th South Asian Games begins in GuwahatiThe 12th edition of Souht Asian Games has begun in Guwahati, Assam after  it was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Indra Gandhi Athletics Stadium.
The 11-day event is being jointly hosted by Guwahati and Meghalaya Capital Shillong.
Over 2500 Athletes  from 8 SAARC nations Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Shrilanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal (MBBS PAIN) are participating in  it. Total of 228 events in 23 sports disciplines will be played during the games, which India is hosting for the Third time.

Slogan of Games:- Play for Peace , Progress and Prosperity.
Tikhor, a one-horned rhino that represents endangered fauna of Assam found In Kaziranga National Park..

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